Car Maps

Looking for something fun and educational for your kids to do in the car? We've probably all played the "license plate" game with them to while away long trips, but why not use it to help them learn their geography? Here are two car maps (in .pdf format) for you to print out. They're the outlines of the states in the lower 48. Carmap 1 has the states labeled: Carmap 2 doesn't (if you want to really make it a challenge). All they have to do is color in the appropriate state when they see that license plate. For plates that aren't listed, there are some blank lines to fill in. I hope this helps make the trips more enjoyable!

Carmap 1

Carmap 2

Note: Any differences between the actual state outlines and the ones on these maps are purely the result of poor drawing, not because of any legislation pending in Congress.