Learning From Baby

An afternoon a couple of years ago has always stayed in my mind as one of my favorite mommy moments.

I had Victoria in the den with me while I tried to get some work done. I had just spread out a sheet and placed toys all over it. Of course, she happily chewed on a new boot instead.

She was 9 months old and getting pretty good at standing. Every time I turned around she was hoisting herself back up and standing in the doorway talking to the world. I keep turning from the computer to watch her.

The thing that struck me was that she had no way of getting back down once she was standing except falling on her butt, but she never thought about how to get back down -- only how great it was to stand up.

That one little scene stayed with me. Over time I've come to realize even more how much we could learn from our babies.

Other things my daughters taught me...

Since that day, I've always been especially conscious of how much my daughters have taught me about the secrets to a good life. Of course, there are a few things they could stand to learn from me, like don't eat lint.

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