The Getaway

I was fortunate enough to get invited to a getaway this weekend with some old friends and new. It ended up being such a soul-nourishing experience I thought I'd share some ideas you could incorporate.

My friends Sue and Denise are both single mothers and they say that their getaways grew from that. As Sue said, "When you're a single mom you have to take care of yourself." Sometimes she brings her daughter, and other times her mother watches her.

What they do is cruise Internet sites like "Explore Minnesota" and find places to visit that sound fun. Some trips are planned to be little adventures, while others are just to relax.

This particular time Sue found a resort that was willing to give her a great deal on a cabin since we're between seasons. Too late for snowmobiling and too early to enjoy the lake, this time of year has few people visiting and we capitalized on that. Here are some of the things that we did that made the weekend even better.

It's Monday now and I'm back home, again with a sleeping girl in my arms and a house that needs more cleaning. But I'm refreshed and recharged from our little retreat, and I've realized how much of that stuff I could have been doing for myself all along.

If you want the lavender water and bath salt recipes, check back later in the week. After seeing them in action I know I'll be making some up! In the meantime, have a great week and do something nice for yourself today.

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