Monster Days!

Want to turn today magical? Let the kids be little monsters!

Little Monsters

Here's how.
  1. Tell them that today is monster day and they get to be any kind of monster they want.

  2. Have them go through the dress-up box, their drawers or the rag pile and put together a monster outfit. Anything goes!

  3. Use halloween makeup, eye shadow and lipstick, homemade face paint, or washable magic markers to draw on monster faces. Get their input. Do they want spots or stripes? What color? Do they want to be scary or funny? Fangs?

  4. Next, get a piece of colored construction paper to make their horns. Draw a large general horn shape (two triangles or curved in horns or rounded ears...) with a one inch wide strip on either end. Cut out an additional one inch strip to staple or tape to the horn strip to make it the right length to fit around the head. Tape or staple it together to make a crown.

  5. Let the kids roar, dance and terrorize the house or yard. If you're really daring, go on a monster walk. Be sure to bring extra horn crowns and face paint, for friends you meet along the way. We ran into 4 different children who promptly joined our monster gang (with parental permission) as we went through our neighborhood!

Three delightful books on the monster theme are Where the Wild Things Are, There's a Monster in my Closet, and Pog.

Have fun!

Anna Monster

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